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Are you and your partner ready to embark on the most rewarding & exciting journey of your life?


At Birth Matters, we are dedicated to supporting and educating you and your partner as you prepare to greet your little one and in the months that follow.


Birth Matters Prenatal Classes are the most trusted & comprehensive series of prenatal & post-partum classes offered in Kamloops.  It is the only Childbirth Education Centre in Kamloops, offering a full classroom and extensive resources learning library. Classes are taught by a facilitator with  22 years of experience in labour, birth and post-partum.  The classes are for everyone; whether you plan to birth at home or the hospital, with a Physician or a Midwife, with Medications or Without. I have an extensive array of teaching materials for learning, including Posters, DVD's, 3D models & visuals, Group activities, library of related books, and the PlumTree Baby textbook is included for each expecting family.


The studio and office are spacious and lovely places to learn alongside other new families. Centrally located in Sahali's Tudor Village Complex within Modern Nest. 


Classes are designed so there is plenty of opportunities to address each of your concerns.  I recognize that all expectant mothers and support persons are unique and we welcome all questions and facilitate discussion.  I provide a safe, FUN and supportive learning environment, as well as a social setting to meet and get to know other expectant families in the community.


Prenatal classes will include; group discussions, videos, demonstrations, and plenty of time to practice supporting techniques & the PlumTree Baby curriculum booklet.


Birth Matters specializes in preparing expecting families for an amazing, educated birth and bonding experience. Through the 4 weeks of comprehensive group classes, 2 Intensive childbirth preparation classes, or the Prenatal in a Day we are able to help prepare all birthing families throughout the Kamloops area.

We Believe:

  1. You & your support person CAN have an amazing birth and bonding experience!

  2. You will work together and grow closer & more ready through our childbirth education series &  the upcoming birth day.

  3. Learning to relax both mentally, emotionally and physically is an important skill needed for a satisfying birth experience. 

  4. Preparation, knowledge, and support are an integral part of having a memorable & empowered birth experience.

  5. Your support team matters! Through the weeks of learning, we hope to help your support person feel ready & prepared to be there for you.

  6. Our learning environment is fun and social. We strive to help you and your support person build connections not just with each other but with other new expecting families as well.


Thank you for joining me in this most incredible journey as you prepare to give birth to your baby. I am honoured to be part of your birth stories.    


Let’s get started!


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2 Intensives

Prenatal in a day

Private Birth Prep & Planning

newborn 101 

COVID-19 Update - all classes will still run during this time - we have moved to a virtual zoom format per the  BCcdc recommendations for Physical distancing

we will continue to do so,  as we know your due date cannot be postponed :) we've got you! 

Crash Labour & Birth Prep Session

we have added a special virtual comfort and labour prep class for this time during cover-19 protocols in labour & delivery at RIH. This 2.5 hour live virtual class will walk you through comfort measures, medication options, what to pack & what to expect birth wise with the up to date local informations & current restrictions during this pandemic.

Cost : $45 - includes expectant person & 1 support

Click register tab on top of page to sign up and receive link to class.

upcoming dates:​​   
  • april 16th - 6-9pm

  • april 28th - 6-9pm                                          

  • may 5th - 6-9pm    Click here after registering to book this class

                                         or email for e-transfer info.

4 Week Prenatal Sessions
wednesdays: 6:30-9pm
investment: $325
-price includes expectant mother & 1 support person
office & classroom Location:
503 - 1315 summit dr. (tudor village)

Upcoming 4 week Class Schedule


FROM 6:30TO 9pm



Split Session

March 11-25th & April 8th

(*No Class April 1st*)



Split Session

May 13-27th  & June 10th

(*No Class June 3rd*)

(1 space Available)


Split Session

July 15th-22nd  & August 12th-19th

(*No Class July 29th & Aug 5th*)

(2 spaces Available)


Split Session

September 9th-30th

(*No Class Sept 23rd*)


Split Session

November 4th, 18th - 25th & December 2nd 

(* No Class Nov 11th*)


Split Session

January  13th-27th & February 10th 

(* No Class Feb 3rd*)

Week 1: Overview - Stages of Labour & Breathing

  • Introductions & Overview

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Stages of labour 

  • Relaxation breathing & Visualizations

Week 2: Comfort Measures, Positions & Preparation


  • What to bring /pack for labour

  • Labour support- what does that mean?

  • Positions for labour & birth

  • Back labour positions & techniques 

  • Comfort techniques

Week 3: Medical Supports & Procedures

  • Medications in labour

  • Medical support & procedures

  • Cesarean Birth & Induction of Labour

  • Informed decision-making activities 

Week 4 : Birth planning & Post-partum Expectations

  • Exploring Birth Preferences

  • Immediate post-partum expectations                 for mom & baby

  • Post-partum preparation

  • Planning for parenthood

Curriculum for all of our classes follows the PlumTree Baby practices and learning models, which include the most comprehensive and up to date materials available. Provided to each couple. As well as a comprehensive collection of teaching materials, posters, DVD's, 3D models etc.


2 Intensive Sessions
for Labour & Birth  Preparation 
investment -$325


choose a class 1,then CHOOSE a
class 2, in sequence- each session 2.5hrs
 *Price includes expectant mother & 1 support person* 

what is covered in the sessions:


Intensive 1

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy & Birth

  • Signs & Symptoms of Labour

  • Stages of labour


Intensive 2

  • Breathing, Positions & Comfort Measures.

  • Medical Support -medications & procedures 

  • Immediate Post Partum Expectations

PreNatal in A Day
for Labour & Birth  Preparation
Full day - 10am-3pm 
investment -$325
 *Price includes expectant mother & 1 support person* 
what is covered in the session
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy & Birth

  • Signs & Symptoms of Labour

  • Stages of labour

  • Breathing, Positions & Comfort Measures.

  • Medical Support -medications & procedures 

  • Immediate Post Partum Expectations

prenatal in a day 
Intensive 1&2

June 11th 5-8pm (Thurs) & June 25th 5-8pm (Thurs)

Sept. 14th 5-8pm (Mon) & Oct. 15th 5-8pm (Thurs)

Nov. 12th 5-8pm (Thurs) & Dec. 10th 5-8pm (Thurs)


April 18th 10am-3pm (Sat) VIRTUAL CLASS

July 22nd 10am-3pm (Wednesday)


September 13th 10am-3pm (Sun)

October 18th 10am-3pm (Sun)

November 15th 10am-3pm (Sun)

December 13th 10am-3pm (Sun)

January 16th(2021) 10am-3pm (Sat)

February 21st (2021) 10am-3am (Sun)

March 21st  (2021) 10am-3pm (Sun)

April 18th (2021) 10am-3pm (Sun)

NewBorn 101 ~ Bringing Baby Home

$65 - Includes Expectant Mother and 1 Support Person
  • 3 hr class will explore everything you need to know when bringing your sweet new little one home.

  • Join us in our warm cozy classroom. Meet new families just like yourselves. Build your village.

  • Increase your confidence with all things baby related. Diapers, Sleep, Eating.



  • A Newborn's appearance & behaviours

  • Basics for Feeding your Baby  - breast and/or bottle

  • Gas, Fussiness & Burping

  • Sleeping Habits in the first weeks

  • Diapering options and how to's

  • Bathing

  • Umbilical Cord Care

  • Soothing Techniques & Swaddling & Baby Wearing

  • How to Read your baby ~ hunger and sleeping cues

  • Baby Gadgets?! What items do you REALLY need for your new baby?

  • How to plan for and take care or your relationships with a new baby

  • And Much Much More!

class dates:      

May 14th 6-9pm (Thurs)

June 16th 6-9pm (Tues)

July 7th 6-9pm (Tues)

Sept. 15th 6-9pm (Tues)

Oct. 20th 6-9pm (Tues)

Nov. 17th 6-9pm (Tues)

Dec. 15th 6-9pm (Tues)

Private Birth Prep & Planning Sessions
for Labour & Birth  Preparation
3 hour in office private session
investment -$165
 *Price includes expectant mother & 1 support person*

Difficult Schedules?  Special Circumstances?  If you can't find the right class to suit your needs, I can help  create a unique experience just for you!

Some expectant families have specific needs in regards to childbirth preparation.  Things like a quickly approaching due date, medical conditions or issues that make attending a regular class challenging , or shift work type schedules .  These Private sessions are customized for your specific needs &  allow for added flexibility.

  • Booked at your convenience

  • Experienced & Knowledgeable Guidance

  • Private welcoming office with extensive lending library 

  • Comfort measures, Breathing, What to pack for Birth, Medications, Medical Supports, Expectations & Custom Birth Planning, PostPartum preparation and SO MUCH MORE!

Click here after registering to book this class or email for e-transfer info.

PAYMENT& REGISTRATION for multi sessions




Before purchasing,

please complete the online registration form 

with desired dates listed 

to ensure class availability.

Spots fill quickly!


Cost includes expectant mother

and 1 support person. 


Pay $75 registration fee to secure spot.


Payments can be made by E-transfer, cash,

or credit card.


Spots  held only with a deposit.


Registration fee is non-refundable,

    No refunds of balance within 7 days of

class start dates commencing

or during current sessions.


Make-up date/time arranged ONLY if classes are rescheduled by a facilitator.


Click buttons below for Online Credit Card payments options for Multi Sessions only. Email for e-transfer details.

All class options




Registration FEE $325.00

(Full payment)

$75 - Deposit nonrefundable

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