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Meet The Team

Meet our team members and learn about their expertise areas as we want to ensure you select a doula best suited for your needs. Don’t forget you can book a free initial consultation to connect with one of our team members below to get you set for your childbirth journey.

Kayla Wolfe

Owner, Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula - CD-L/CD-P - Pro Doula & DSA Badge & Prenatal Educator

Kayla has always been drawn to the power of birth and intrigued by the process. She and her husband personally experienced a strong, supportive network throughout her own births that was a life-changing part of their parenting from the beginning. It was also her birthing experiences that pushed her to follow her passion and become a doula so she could offer that same level of support to other families and new parents. 


Kayla was raised in the Metis community and culture in a family that identifies as Metis. It is these life experiences that drive her passion to help families embrace their culture and traditions during birth. She is driven by the comfort she can provide to families in each stage of birth and postpartum in both hospital births and in-home births. Kayla feels very privileged to have the strong relationships she does with the incredible doctors, midwives, nurses, and other health care professionals in Kamloops. 


Kayla completed her Birth & Postpartum Doula training and certification with ProDoula, and has her DSA Member badge. In her eyes, one of the most fascinating things about birth is that no one knows everything about it, so there’s always opportunities to learn more. This fuels her love for continued education.


Kayla feels honoured to support you alongside the incredible and passionate team of doulas at Birth Matters. In 2023, Birth Matters will continue meeting and supporting your families both in our classroom known as Modern Nest, and during your birth and postpartum journeys as you bring new life into the world.

Jodi Circle.png

Jodi Anderson

Founder & Doula Mentor, ProDoula, DONA & DSA Badge

Birth Doula mentor, birth photography, & Prenatal Educator

Jodi Anderson is a wife, proud mum of three young adults and Grandma to 3 sweet grandkids.


She received DONA Certified Birth Doula Training in 1998 and Advanced Birth Doula DONA Training with Penny Simkin 1999. She Cross-certified with ProDoula in 2021. She is also an approved Experienced Member of Doula Services Association of BC and has received her vaccinations (3) for Covid~ a key part of credentials for attending births in hospital during COVID-19.

She has stepped back from on call work, in order to focus on mentorship. Prior to stepping back into Mentorship and training, she had spent the last Two decades supporting and guiding well over 2000 women and their families throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum over the last 24 years.  A highly respected member of the birth community, She works with all physicians & labour and delivery nurses, as well as all the midwives in the Kamloops area.

Jodi is also the Founder of Modern Nest the First and Only Doula and Prenatal Education Centre in Kamloops, now offering all clients an amazing space to come to for meetings, support, community connection, classes, and resources. 

She will continue to work closely with the Birth Matters Doulas & recommends all the Doulas on the amazing team for any family looking for support. She believes strongly in the power and importance of the birth process of you and your partner's birth day memories. 

Chantelle J.jpeg

Chantelle Jackson 

Postpartum Doula - CD-P ~ Pro Doula & DSA Badge

Chantelle is a momma, mommy, mom (probably soon to be ‘ma’), to 4 young children. The youngest being twins. Throw pets and life into the mix, Chantelle understands the need for flexibility and excellent multi-tasking skills to support family needs.


With a professional background of over a decade of social support, Chantelle believes in the value of having culturally sensitive, trauma informed, non-judgemental care for supported families. Holding space for all those big/small/hard moments with humour, flexibility and kindness. This is your journey, and she is there to assist and ease some of that juggle.

When Chantelle has spare moment, you can either find her multi-tasking in her home, enjoying yoga or walks, or spending time with her family. 

The postpartum journey she experienced called her to supporting other families during such a transformative stage of life. It can be such an incredible, life altering period of time. Speaking from experience, having someone in your corner to help you through this adventure, can make the world of a difference.


I am ProDoula, trained in postpartum support and have received my DSA Badge and ready to offer a wealth of love, knowledge, and assistance to help guide families on their unique paths.


Vanessa Mack

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula - CD-L/CD-P ~ Pro Doula & DSA Badge

As a wife to my incredible and supportive husband and a proud mama to three beautiful children, my journey started in the charming small town of 100 Mile House, BC. Fate brought my husband and I together in Kamloops, BC after college, and the rest, as they say, is history!

With a background in Early Childhood Education, my career has been woven with experiences working alongside children, parents, and families. After embarking on my own motherhood adventure, I discovered my calling. Three unique labour experiences and three distinctly different postpartum journeys fuelled my deep passion for supporting families through these transformative times.

I am ProDoula, trained in both labour and postpartum support and have received my DSA Badge and ready to offer a wealth of love, knowledge, and assistance to help guide families on their unique paths.


Caity Barrett - Pediatric and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Caity Barrett, PT

Physiotherapist with specialized training & focus in both pediatrics and pelvic health

Caity loves to support families through their transition into the first few years of parenthood. As a mom of three, she is in the thick of early parenthood and understands firsthand many challenges that can arise during this stage of life. Her passion and skills are for helping children and families achieve their goals of participating in all of the activities that they love. This can range from returning to exercise postpartum or helping a baby learn to roll and explore their environment.


Caity’s training in pediatrics includes motor development throughout childhood, orthopedic rehabilitation, neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT), infant massage, and childhood pelvic health. She also has training to support adults with incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain, and labour and delivery. Additionally, Caity is currently training to support breastfeeding families as well. Be sure to check out her Infant Massage classes as they are an exciting addition to our offerings at The Modern Nest.


PS. This picture is from her kitchen where she tends to spend a lot of time these days (and mostly enjoy) feeding her growing family and baking delicious things.


Shayla Stanley


Shayla lives in Kamloops with her partner, toddler and two bonus daughters. 


Shayla has a passion for supporting families in their labour and birth journeys into postpartum and infancy through to childhood. Since having her daughter she has recognized there is a need for education and support for breastfeeding families, which kindled her interest for improving prenatal education specifically surrounding lactation and breastfeeding care. 


Shayla received her BScN in 2018, and since then she has pursued a career following her passion for maternal and child health. Working mostly in pediatrics, labour and delivery and postpartum as a Registered Nurse. She received her IBCLC certification in 2023 and is now servicing our community and beyond with her private practice lactation consulting services, Modern Mama Lactation.


Get in touch with Shayla.  


Kelsey Young 

Certified Birth -CD-L ~ Pro Doula & DSA Badge

Kelsey has always nurtured others, so birth work was a natural path to take. As a mother of three children, she has experienced different birth journeys personally, as well as attending two of her friend’s births. Being present with her and her husband was both an honour and a privilege; one that solidified that this was something she wanted to pursue.


As an Empath, Kelsey grew up knowing she was meant to help people and also had a deep love for babies and the incredible power of birth. Discovering that there were trained people who could attend before and during labour and delivery, as well as postpartum, to provide comfort and support during the most vulnerable time in a person’s life was exciting. And now it’s her reality. 


Kelsey completed her Doula Certification through ProDoula and holds her DSA Member badge. She loves to meet people and hear about their lives, experiences, and hopes for their labour and birth. She is there to empower and encourage her clients while being a constant pillar of support. 


In her free time, she keeps busy with her beautiful family, including two daughters in dance, a busy toddler, a wonderful partner, two dogs, and two cats. You can also find her attending as many concerts as she can, writing poetry, listening to music, dreaming about New York, and drinking endless cups of tea with an unhealthy side of candy. 


Kelsey is so happy to be a part of the incredible team at Birth Matters.

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