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Birth Matters Kamloops Newborn Classes

Newborn Classes

Birth Matters Doulas offer classes for expectant families that are welcoming a newborn to the family. These classes are designed to provide tips, support, and education on what to expect so families feel confident and at ease when the time comes.

Newborn 101

Bringing Your Baby Home

Price: $75 (includes both expectant parents or one parent + 1 support)

Location: 503 - 1315 Summit Dr. (Tudor Village)

What is covered in the sessions:

  • 3-hr class to explore what you need to know to bring home your new bundle of joy

  • Increase your confidence with all things baby related like diaper changes, sleeping, eating, and more

  • Includes the new PlumTree Newborn Care Booklet  if preferred for Zoom classes


Topics will include:

  • A newborn's appearance and behaviours

  • Basics for feeding  - breast and/or bottle

  • Gas, fussiness and burping

  • Sleeping habits in the first weeks

  • Diapering options and how to's

  • Bathing

  • Car seat information

  • Soothing techniques, swaddling and baby wearing

  • How to read your baby - hunger and sleeping cues

  • Baby gadgets - what items do you need most for your new baby?

  • How to plan for and take care of your relationships with a new baby

  • And more

Upcoming Class Schedule

Spring 2024

April 17th 6-9pm (Wed)

*3 Spaces Available*

Spring 2024

May 22ed 6-9pm(Wed)


Summer 2024

June 12th 6-9pm (Wed)

*5 Spaces Available*

*Note this is the last NewBorn 101 class till Sept*

Fall 2024

Sept 18th 6-9pm (Wed)

*7 Spaces Available*

Fall 2024

Oct 16th 6-9pm (Wed)

*7 Spaces Available*

Fall'ish 2024

Nov 20th (Wed)

*7 Spaces Available*

Infant Massage

Facilitated by Caity Barrett, PT

Timing: 4-week sessions

Price: $150

Location: 503 - 1315 Summit Dr. (Tudor Village)

This 4-week session is facilitated by Caity Barrett PT, an International Association of Infant Massage trained instructor and a Registered Physiotherapist with specialized training in pediatrics and pelvic floor health.


Benefits from the infant massage sessions include:

  • Bonding with your baby

  • Helping your baby relax and unwind for better rest

  • Connect with other new families

Limited spaces available, please email Caity Barrett to confirm your space.

Infant CPR

Facilitated by Jill Colpitts and Holly Choi

July 7th  

Learn more about these classes with Safe Beginnings.

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