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The following services are provided to each Mother, and her Partner with a DONA  & ProDoula International Trained Professional Doula:


  • 1-2 labour preparation sessions in office to get to know each other, discuss your birth preferences and guide you through the birth planning process. 


  • 24hrs / 7 days/wk. On Call period commences upon hiring & 24-hour phone assistance as needed.

  • Reliable experienced Amazing Back-up team of Doulas also in place to ensure excellent support for all during labour &birth.


  • Experienced continuous support during active labour (or sooner upon mothers request) at your home and/or at your chosen birthing site.                                                                          

  • Relaxing & Private office for our appointments as well as the spacious learning room for bigger group settings. Large well stocked lending library of books and dvds for client use.

  • During labour: we will help you with relaxation techniques, positions, visualization and positive affirmations, breathing, and informational support. Access to tools such as TENS machines & peanut balls available to all clients. (as requested and available)


  • Photography to document your labour, the birth, & immediate postpartum available if desired included in fee -includes up to 10-15  images, editing, and files. 

  • Immediate Post-Partum support (usually an hour or two post birth) . Includes initiation of Breastfeeding support if desired & assistance with bonding with your newborn during your immediate post-partum.

  • 1 post-partum follow-up visit in office answering questions you may have about your birth, reviewing Photos of the birth and providing any additional information you might require for a smooth family transition. 


  • We work with a limited number of families each month so that we can provide the best care possible.  If you know you would like our support, we recommend booking early to ensure we have availability at the time of your estimated delivery date.


  • We offer ongoing support to all our clients within our office, with regular family events, drop-in groups, learning sessions, and reunions planned frequently. Our doors never close.

Benefits of Professional Birth Doula Support

Hiring a professional Birth Doula is a wonderful way to support & prepare both you and your partner for the birth of your child.  We recognize that each couple is unique and support every type of birth plan, hospital & home birth.  This is our passion and PROFESSION, we dedicate all our time within the world of supporting the wishes and plans of our birthing families. 


Jodi Anderson has worked full time as a professional Birth Doula, attended & supported over 1200 mothers at their births since 1998 and can help support and guide you and your partner - she & her team provide the most experienced Birth Doula support in the Interior. For a read through previous clients' reviews and feedback click here.


There are many studies done over the last couple of decades that have demonstrated the benefits to labouring moms and their partners to have trained, professional birth support.


Call or email today to book your support!


Free Initial Consultation

Choosing a Doula who will be present at your birth is an important decision that is shaped by many factors, including experience, training, and philosophy of care. I offer an initial free consultation that gives you a better sense of what our Doula practice  and team have to offer. This meeting is informal and carries no obligation. Want to meet? Appointments can been booked weekday daytime, through Jodi directly. Fill out the form below and find a time for your consultation today!


First Nations or Metis Families

Jodi is a pre-approved Doula for the Aboriginal Doula Fund. This fund is available to all Mothers or Partners who identify as First Nations, Metis or Inuit - it covers up to $1000 towards our Doulas fees. The client must apply to the fund directly themselves. Feel free to email us for the links to apply or more information on the fund. We also have the forms in office if you prefer to fill it out here.

What to Expect

At Birth Matters, we are committed to your preparation for and support throughout your birth journey.  To begin the process, we meet with you and your partner to discuss your birth preferences.  During this time, we will listen to your needs and wishes for your birth. Discussing the birth planning process and what to expect with routine procedures and possible events of birthing and all your wishes, preferences and answering any other concerns that may arise.


On the day of your labour, we will support you by guiding you through your chosen relaxation techniques, positions, visualization exercises, and positive affirmations. Providing breathing and informational support throughout your entire active labour period.  Later on, after your little one has arrived; we can also provide assistance with breastfeeding initiation if desired & guidance for your baby’s initial bonding experience. We also offer an in-office post-partum follow-up visit, usually 2-4 wks post-partum - answering questions and providing support to you and your family to help with a smooth family transition. Birth Matters Doula services are DONA International Trained and have been proudly serving families since 1998. 


Want to know what others have said?   

Feedback and reviews can be seen here.


Fees & Registration

Before purchasing, please complete the online registration form  to discuss our availability, your birth preferences & wishes and your estimated due date (EDD).


Birth Doula Services cost $1200 and require a $400 deposit to secure a spot. Your space is confirmed when availability is verified & deposit is received. We work with a limited number of families each month so that we can provide the best care possible.  If you know you would like our support, we recommend booking early to ensure we have availability at the time of your estimated delivery date. 



Payments can be paid cash, or online (via Paypal ).


Once the deposit is paid we are your doula and available/on-call commences - see contract for further refund policy - there are no refunds of the deposit. - see contract for further refund policy

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