Jodi Anderson -Founder & Doula Mentor 

ProDoula, DONA & DSA Badge

BIRTH DOULA mentor, birth photography, & PRENATAL EDUCATOR


Jodi Anderson is a wife and proud mum of three young adults and  Grandma to TWO & 3/4!! sweet grandkids!!  


She received DONA Certified Birth Doula Training in 1998 and Advanced Birth Doula DONA Training with Penny Simkin 1999She Cross-certified with ProDoula in 2021. She is also an approved Experienced Member of Doula Services Association of BC ~ a key part of credentials for attending births in hospital during COVID-19.

She still takes a very limited number of clients now per year, in order to focus on mentorship and education classes. Prior to stepping back into Mentorship and training, she had spent the last Two decades supporting and guiding well over 2000 women and their families throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and post-partum over the last 23 years.  A highly respected member of the birth community, She works with all physicians & labour and delivery nurses, as well as all the midwives in the Kamloops area.

Feedback and reviews of her services can be reviewed here.


Jodi is also the Owner/Founder of Modern Nest the First and Only Doula and Prenatal Education Centre in Kamloops in Spring of 2017, now offering all clients an amazing space to come to for meetings, support, community connection, classes, and resources. 

She works closely with all the Birth Matters Doulas & recommends all the Doulas in her amazing team for any family looking for support and still runs all educational courses in the centre. She believes strongly in the power and importance of the birth process of you and your partner's birth day memories. 


 birth matters doulas


Jasper Bailey 
certified birth Doula -cd-l ~ PRO DOULA & DSA badge

Jasper lives in Kamloops with her husband and two young adult children.  In addition to being a birth doula, also works in Kamloops as a community support worker.


Jaspers path to becoming a doula was inspired after having her own doula support for her last birth, a surrogacy journey.  Ever since that transformative experience of giving birth with the support of midwives, doula, partner and the baby’s family she found a passion in her for wanting to support and encourage others on their own path and journeys. 


She has trained and certified with ProDoula , as well as received her DSA Badge a key part of credentials for attending births in hospital during COVID-19.


She’s completed her mentorship with Birth Matters and is looking forward to supporting new families at their births. 

Kayla Wolfe ~ Mentored Doula
certified Birth doula -CD-L~ Pro DOULA & DSA Badge

Kayla has lived in Kamloops for 10 years and works for the School District as a Certified Education Assistant. 

After supporting her sister through the birth of her child, Kayla was drawn to the power of birth and intrigued by the process. Since then, Kayla and her husband have had 2 children of their own. Personally experiencing this amazing support emphasized that Kayla wanted to be that person for other families in her community.


As such, Kayla made the decision to seek out and complete her Doula training with Pro-Doula in 2020. She also obtained her DSA Member a key part of credentials for attending births in hospital during COVID-19. She is currently taking new clients in the Birth Matters Mentorship program and can't wait to support you on your birth journey.

Kayla is a caring wife and mother of 2 littles and a dog. She is passionate about the birth process and supporting you and your families as you go on this life changing journey.  

Julie Ross
Doula training Canada - Birth & post partum doula

Julie is a born and raised Kamloops resident. Julie’s childhood was surrounded by the art of birth with her mother supporting the community as a doula, CBE and a lactation counsellor. After growing up in the birth world Julie is excited to find herself being led down a similar trail as her mother was.


In 2018 she began her training with Doula Training Canada as both a  Birth & Post Partum Doula. Since then has supported many new families here in Kamloops. She also carries the DSA Badge a requirement for attending births during COVID-19. 


Julie is not only passionate about supporting ones journey through labour and birth but also the postpartum experience. Julie feels it is important to meet everyone where they are. 


When Julie is not supporting a journey you can catch her working at Blackwell dairy or out adventuring with her young nephew. 


Julie looks forward to supporting you & your family on your unique journey.

Sarah Molnar
DONA & DSA Badge

Sarah lives in Merritt, BC and in addition to being a birth doula, also owns/works at Brambles Bakery and Cafe. She completed her DONA Birth Doula training in 2016.  Sarah has been working as a birth doula for ever since and has added postpartum work to her practice as well. She also is a  DSA Member ~ a key part of credentials for attending births in hospital during COVID-19.

Her passion for seeing women learn to embrace birth as an empowering adventure continues to grow with each family she has the privilege to work with. When not attending births you can find her baking, knitting, reading and hanging out with her family. Sarah facilitates a drop in prenatal class at Merritt Moms, and has three boys of her own.

Sami Didrich
dona & DSA BAdge

Sami is a mum of two young children & was born and raised in Kamloops. Formerly a care aide, but after the birth of her son in 2015, she pursued work as a Birth Doula.


Sami became passionate about educating/supporting women as well as their partners to help them make conscious decisions about their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She is experienced, knowledgable and is easy to relate to as she has had both a cesarean and vaginal birth (VBAC). 


She has attended training with DONA and is will soon be cross certifying through Pro Doula. She is also a current member of the DSA (Doula Services Association). Which is an essential key part to attending births in hospital due to COVID-19.


She believes pregnancy and birth are sacred, intimate and a memory that will last a lifetime. She can’t wait to support such during such memorable experiences with you and your families!

Tara Lippmann
bscN - DONA - CBE

Tara is a DONA trained birth doula, childbirth educator and a Registered Nurse with specialized training in breastfeeding, working in Public Health Maternity Care. Graduating from Thompson Rivers University in 2005 with a BScN and completed her DONA training in 2009.

Tara has been serving families in and around Kamloops for the past 14 years. She is married with three children. Tara believes birth is a normal, natural process and trusts in a woman’s ability to give birth. Her passion is to support women and their families to create their own memorable and unique journey through pregnancy, labour and parenthood.